Adequate engagement at the appropriate time

Everyone at their root is a spiritual being. Ancient Yoga Texts (called Upanishads) describe that this spiritual being experiences the world through five (Pancha) layers or coverings (Kosha). The age-appropriate development of these five layers, is referred to as Panchakosha Vikas and is what leads to the complete personality development.

The Five Layers

The five layers in order of progressive development are as follows:

Annamaya Kosha focuses on the physical development of the child

Pranamaya Kosha provides the vital energy required for smooth functioning of the various systems in the body

Manomaya Kosha addresses the feeling realm and fosters the understanding of relationships

Vigyanamaya Kosha facilitates the development of the intellect, decision making and ability to discriminate

Anandamaya Kosha connects us to the spiritual realm

How we apply Panchakosha at Vedic Roots?

Nurturing & Nutrition - Annamaya Kosha Vikas

In the early years, children are prone to absorbing impressions from the environment. These impressions (Samskaras) shape the child by giving them access to role models, nurturing interactions and a loving environment. It is not just important what you do - it is more about how you do it.

Another aspect of prime importance is their physical nourishment through nutrition. Therefore, our kitchen is the cornerstone at Vedic Roots. We provide freshly prepared Ayurvedic Meals designed very carefully for optimal nutrition for the young bodies.

Physical Activities - Pranamaya Kosha Vikas

During the lower elementary years (6-10 years), there is an increased focus on development of the Pranamaya Kosha - the vital energy that drives all the systems in the body. We facilitate this through our regular and extensive physical activities program (Ashtanga Yoga and Kalaripayattu - Vedic martial arts). In addition, children spend a significant time outdoors every day, get intermittent breaks for physical activity during their academic blocks, and a dedicated field trip day once a week.

Language, Skills and Music - Panchakosha Vikas

Our carefully selected arts and skills focusing on the areas of Language Development through Sanskrit and French, Yoga, Classical Music and Bharatanatyam Dance, nourish all the five koshas and foster development of a well grounded personality.

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