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Our Summer Camps are designed to provide holistic development for the children, and each week we select various aspects from the ancient Vedic (Yoga) Tradition. You can register for 1 or more weeks.

July 3rd - 6th
Learning Ancient Mantras and Slokas -Sanskrit Camp
July 9th - 13th
Yoga Camp
July 16th - 20th
Bhagavad Gita Camp
July 23rd - Jul 27th
Nature Aware - Connecting with Mother Nature
July 30th - Aug 3rd
A Food Education and Cooking Camp
Aug 7th - 10th
Vedic Arts
Aug 13th - 17th
Vedic Music
During this camp, the children will be exposed to basics of Sanskrit Language (How to introduce oneself, parts of the body, names of common fruits, flowers, vegetables and colors) as well as practice recitation of ancient mantras from ancient Yoga text, Sri Isopanishad. In addition, they will also do hands-on activities to learn about the meaning and application of at least 5 Sanskrit slokas.
Come join our certified Yoga Instructor for an exciting week-long Yoga Camp. The theme of this camp is the 7 chakras (energy centres). Our instructor will lead the children through the key theme to allow them to understand significance of balancing various energy centres and corresponding yoga asanas that help in balancing those chakras.

During this week, children will learn about the historical background behind the world-famous Yoga text, Bhagavad Gitaas well as the Five Main Themes presented in this very ancient scripture. Through interactive hands-on lessons, children will learn 5 key verses from the Bhagavad Gita and their practical applications in our lives today.
This camp has been designed with an aim to foster a deeper relationship with Mother Nature. Our week will include a special visit to a local fruit picking and animal petting farm, a clay modelling workshop, "seeds of change", a workshop to understand the lifecycle of a plant along with growing your very own, "Let’s Go Camping", a simulated camping experience and much more!
Facilitated by VRMA's Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultant & Educator, HealthyBraja (, this camp will allow children to learn about the 6 predominant tastes mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts (Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, Astringent) and learn the role and significance of each taste in our diet. They will make culinary creations with the 6 tastes as a theme
During this camp, children will learn the basics of 9 out of the 64 arts that Krishna and Balaram learnt at their teacher Sandipani Muni's Ashram (as described by the ancient Vedic Text, Srimad Bhagavatam), namely: 1) gītam, singing; 2) ālekhyam, painting; 3) taṇḍula-kusuma-bali-vikārāḥ, preparing auspicious designs on the floor with rice and flowers; 4) citra-śākāpūpa-bhakṣya-vikāra-kriyaḥ, preparing varieties of salad, bread, cake and other delicious food; 5) ūcī-vāya-karma, needlework and weaving; 6) nṛtyam, dancing; 7) nāṭyam, drama; 8) bhūṣaṇa-yojanam, decorating with jewelry; 9) takṣaṇam, carpentry. We will conduct a hands-on workshop on each of the these nine themes.
Our instructor with her specialty in Carnatic Music will allow children to explore the foundational blocks of classical music through svaras or musical notes, ragas or musical scales, and taal or rhythmic patterns through fun-filled activities. Children will discover their inherent musical talents as they learn about various Vedic musical instruments as well as learn basic notes and rhythmic patterns

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The camp hours will be from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with optional before and after hours care available.

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